The Shrine of Saint Padre Pio is located in Buena, New Jersey. It is located on the outskirts of Landisville, New Jersey of Route 40 East, approximately 25 miles East of Atlantic City.  It is a beautiful place. When one stops there, one can feel the spirituality because it is a place of Miracles.

My name is Marvin and I watched the Saint Pio Shrine being constructed at an open field back in 2001- 2002.

I am not a religious churchgoing person but I am a believer. I have experienced miracles as the result of going to Father Padre Pio’s Shrine and I wanted to share some of the miracles on this blog.  I left my job in 2002 for poor health reasons and lived off my savings for a couple of years.  In 2004, I was flat broke, behind in my mortgage and on the verge of losing my home and everything else. For some reason ( I cannot explain it), I drove up Route 40 East from Baltimore, Maryland to the Saint Padre Pio Shrine in Buena, New Jersey.  I went into the Shrine and knelt in front of the Saint Pio Statue and asked him to help me because I was in financial trouble. It was a simple earnest prayer. Prior to that, I had no knowledge that Saint Padre Pio existed but for some reason, I knew that I would receive help from Him. I felt comforted,secure and loved.  A Nun appeared came over, held my hand and  prayed for me.  She had a piece of cloth in her hand believed to be from Saint Pio.

Soon there after, I received a check that bought my mortgage up to date and I got a federal job with a extremely generous salary.  I was ecstatic! I continued  going to the Saint Pio Shrine to see if other events could be solved by me asking .  They have candles behind the Saint Pio Statue and a composition notebook on his right side. People write their prayer requests in this book and light a candle. I wrote many prayer requests in that book and lite many candles over time. I prayed for others to be healed, others negative life situations to improve and many other prayers.  It seems that every prayer I wrote in that book was answered.  I tell everyone who needs help and that if you need a miracle, go to the Saint Padre Pio Shrine!

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